áirisi Magazine

Africa Through our Eyes


I always get asked:

what is áirisi…what does it even mean?

My answer is always this:

áirisi is Swahili for Iris.

Then they say:

So what does that have to do with anything?

The iris as we all know is a part of the eye – it’s also a kind of flower; one that is a symbol of hope, faith and wisdom (among other things). I believe that Africa embodies WISDOM, the FAITH her people have in her is very endearing and we all pray and HOPE for a better tomorrow – a tomorrow where the Western media doesn’t portray us as hungry, poverty stricken, war torn, 419’ing opportunists.

This is my simple rationale (or should I say inspiration) for starting this magazine. I want to model the backbone of the publication on these simple things. My mission is to showcase Africa through the eyes of Africans..show the world what we see and think about when we think about Africa.

I want to not only showcase all the beautiful and wonderful things but also discuss our short-comings; showing people in and out of Africa that these are opportunities for growth and the only way is up. áirisi Magazine will install hope and renew faith while educating the world (including Africans) on the joys of Africa and of being African.

I am in no way a professional publisher so this is going to be a huge learning curve for me but I believe strongly in the power of collaboration; I want to work with storytellers, photographers, musicians, fashion designers and stylists, make-up artists, politicians, engineers, journalists, artists, charity organisations…..to make this dream a reality.

So this is what áirisi means to me! Any questions?




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